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Still Doesn't Work

My original copy of TR600 failed in less than a year. I contacted "Penrecorderpro" about this, and they sent me a "replacement" which didn't work, either.
I have been writing them about this for WEEKS now, and they do not reply.
I am worried that they may be a scam, rather than a trusted manufacturer.

Product not yet delivered

Holds an insane amount of audio. Around 280 hours! Very very useful.

Perfect fit for your pocket!

Very much needed! When you transfer your audio files to your computer, I’d recommend downloading VLC Media Player, free and works great for listening to your audio recordings

¡Me encanta esto! Justo lo que necesitaba xx

Product works as advertised. Easy to use, comes with extra items like an external mic, headphones, USB cable, etc. Battery life and recording are top quality. Works great for recording interviews for my research project.

Good recording, bad pen

The recording is good but their is no software to download and every file is dated the same which makes organization difficult. Also, the pen itself does not write well.

Handy recording pen. I had to experiment with it for a bit before I felt fully comfortable using it but now it’s second nature

Everything as advertised

Been in need of a recording device that won’t be suspicious to use. Thanks for the fast delivery!

Rick "Almost a great product" wrote the perfect review

I hope what he said is addressed because it is frustrating to use a product that seems to be designed from theory rather than from actual use. Similarly, these flaws would be more bearable if this was purchased with theoretical money instead of actual money.

So far so good

Hard to find a device that records cellphone calls but this little device does the trick for me. Well worth the price.

Very easy to use and no one has noticed it’s a recording pen. If you’re in neeed of recording a conversation and need the recording device to be hidden and disceet, I’d go ahead and try the SL100 out.

Difficulty in getting it to record in the voice activated mode

It difficult to get the pen to record in the voice activated mode. There is no indication that it is recording until you try and play it back and you hear notthing. It s diffuclt to get the hq or lp mode selected.

Quick to respond to my email asking a question about the recording pen.

Not a bad product

This unit records wonderfully, even at great distances. The playback is also great when I use the computer for playing back. However, there are 2 things that disturb me. First, I have a problem playing back via the remote. I even purchased a second remote from you even that doesn't work. Secondly, I would love to have my meetings/classes dated for each recording, yet the date never changes. It does not update to correspond with the date on my computer. I see some other persons are experiencing the same problems. Would love to have some assistance in improving the operation of this neat gadget. Otherwise, I really do love it. Thanks.

Fantastic device! I constantly use it.

The number one selling point for me was its massive memory size. It holds over 500 hours of audio. Very impressed..

Very pleased with this and it does everything i need it to do, which is recording my cell conversations. Didn’t even know such a handy device even existed.

Parfait. Il enregistre automatiquement chaque appel téléphonique. Cinq étoiles!

Love the idea of a powerbank combined with an audio recorder and this device pulls it off perfectly. I can use it to charge my phone when I’m away from an outlet and can use it to record audio as well. Cool combo

You dont need to setup any software or application, just plug and play. Works and looks like a thumbdrive. The audio recording is even better than expected so far I’ve got all the recordings needed. I plug it in the usb of my computer and listen to the recordings, transfer the audio files from the FD50 to a folder on my desktop. So helpful!